Emaux Swimming Pool Equipment

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Emaux’s product range on swimming pool industry is to address the basic & unique requirement for swimming pool and cater the environmental challenges for energy saving. Applications for Emaux product ranges from above ground pool, in-ground pool to commercial pools and even Olympic competition pool.

EMAUX NP300 Series Light

EMAUX E-Lumen Underwater Light

EMAUX UltraThin-200 LED Lights

Emaux Underwater Lights are designed for easy installation and with high illuminating power to enhance your night pool atmosphere. For safety reasons, all underwater lights are of low voltage and meet IP68 waterproof standard and include earth joint. Emaux lights come with both Stainless Steel and Plastic housing, both suitable for the varying degree of needs.

EMAUX SuperPower Pump
EMAUX E-Power Variable Speed Pump
EMAUX SS Above Ground Pump
彩83彩票投注EMAUX ES Pump Commercial Application

Emaux Pumps are engineered to deliver ultra performance to cater the needs of various requirements. They are both reliable and quiet running. Emaux pumps have CE/ ETL/ CSA Standard to guarantee safety usage.

EMAUX FSP Filter System
EMAUX S Series Side Mount Sand
EMAUX V Series Top Mount Sand Filter
彩83彩票投注EMAUX MFV Top Mount Sand Filter
EMAUX NL Series Commercial Sand Filter

Every swimming pool requires a swimming pool pump and filter for water circulation and water filtration. With Emaux’s range of filtration combos, you are sure the find the best filtration system suited to your pool.

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